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    The Philosophy of Bliss Point

    Bliss Point is the point of awareness in which we are fully conscious of our resources and abilities that allow us to fulfill our needs and achieve our dreams. The Bliss Point will change as you find new ways to challenge yourself to grow and flow.

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    What are Dharmaceuticals.

    Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals are blends of anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic and nootropic amino acids, herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, and foods which may support the enhanced formation of specific neural pathways and optimize mind-body function.


    *For more information please read our White Paper under the Research Section


  • Finding your Bliss - Choosing the Right Blend for You.

    Finding Your Bliss


    Here at Bliss Point we align with the wisdom that there is but one constant; that is change or flux. As humans, we are either going with the flow of that flux or we are fighting against it. When we fight against it because of our conditioning, we find that we are incongruent with our highest self and the needs of that self.


    We are creatures of adaptation, but we are conditioned to be afraid of change or flux, afraid of the unknown. We are overwhelmed with environmental stressors, consumed by stimulation and information which we have trouble processing. This inability to process causes us stress and frustration.


    These formulas are designed to help you align with your unique homeoflux; the natural tendency to adapt to and embrace change or flux as we learn to grow and flow through our experiences.


    Step One: Tune in: Take some deep breaths, tap each finger with your thumb. Smell a smell, taste a taste, hear a sound, and see a sight. Now you're in your body and can determine how it is feeling. Maybe you need some water, food, or rest with your elixir.

    Step Two: Goal: Now that you know how you feel, you can decide how you would like to feel. On the next page you will find the different elixirs and their intended effects.

    Step Three: Dosage: We give a range of dosages as we do not know what is right for you; You Do. Are you usually sensitive to caffeine etc? Or does it usually take more for you to feel the effects?

    Step Four: Intention: You know how you would like to feel. You know how you would like to heal. You know what you need to get done. These formulas are designed to work with your intentions; your willingness to change your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. On the next page are sample intentions.

    Step Five: Visualize: As you drink, visualize yourself completing your goals guided by your intention and your higher self


    Example Intentions
    I align with my higher wisdom and harmonize with my environment.
    I am calm, confident, and full of motivation.
    I am strong, courageous and grateful.
    I am motivated and focused.
    I am worthy of love and compassion.
    I have all the resources and abilities to fulfill my needs and achieve my dreams.
    I am full of ease and satisfaction.
    I am calm, relaxed and satisfied.
    I remember all that I need to remember.
    I am bountiful, abundant, and full of bliss.


    Once you decide on the formula you need, then it is time to discover the best dosage for you.



    We recommend a range of dosage; usually between 1 and 3 capsules, or a half teaspoon to a tablespoon, etc. Use your intuition as to your dosage. Most effects will be observed in 3 days, some in 7, some in 1. If you are experiencing an exaggerated effect, e.g., jittery rather than stimulated or sleepy rather than calm, take a day off and start with a lower dose the following day.


    What works for one may not work for others. Your needs can change based on environmental influences. The blend you need now is not always going to be the blend you need at a different time in your life. Also, we recommend that you utilize the blend you need at the time in which you need it and not otherwise.

    We strongly recommend that they not be combined with drugs.


    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Dharmaceuticals

    Our blends are designed to be taken as needed. They are designed to remind your brain what it already wants to do. Most will feel effects within 1-3 days at 7 days we encourage you to take a break for a few days and examine your health practices holistically.

    We can be reached by email or phone for any questions you may have on how to do this.

    blisspointdharma@gmail.com or 505-394-8412



    A uniquely formulated DharmaCap that may support a calm state of confidence in times of stress. It may support an enhanced mind-body stress response by breaking down stress hormones while increasing the production of inhibitory neurotransmitters.

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    A cacao elixer that may support the enhanced formation of neural pathways involved in motivation, focus, and memory. May support the restoration of these pathways after they have been artificially altered.

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    A specially formulated DharmCap that may support decreased inflammation and increased flexibility.

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    Chai Dreams

    A chai-spiced elixir that may support the enhanced production of inhibitory neurotransmitters and quality of sleep.

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    Focus Flow

    A uniquely formulated DharmaCap that may support one to enter the flow state with ease in any situation and focus on the goal at hand.

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    A Cacao elixir that may support the formation of neural networks involved in ease, satisfaction, and mood. Not to be combined with other mood altering substances

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    A chai-spiced elixir that may support the formation of neural networks involved in motivation, focus, and concentration. It may support the decrease in inflammation in some individuals.

  • Selfcare

    How am I tuning into my body-mind needs?

    Before you reach to take anything, ask yourself -

    • How much water have I drunk today? 
    • How much food have I eaten? 
    • Do I need more rest? 
    • What is my mind-body telling me?

    We are here to love, to thrive through our connections and collaboration. When you make the choice to align with your highest self and its needs, you support your health.

  • Research

    White Paper - Optimizing Brain Function

    Click Here to read Optimizing Brain Function


    About Jerry Woodle


    I am Jerry Woodle, founder of Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals. Coming from a multicultural family, I learned to love people unconditionally for their uniqueness and encourage them to pursue their interests and follow their passions. The celebration of diversity has guided my approach to people, offering new perspectives and alternative behaviors while giving them the space to release their pain and embrace their challenges as opportunities to grow. Ever since my first psychology course, I knew that I would empower people to realize their potential and find their happiness. I received my associate's in addiction in Chicago. Through my dedication to my schoolwork, I was awarded a scholarship to UNM where I received my bachelor's in psychology minoring in philosophy. I am currently pursing my master's in Social Work at ASU.
    I have dedicated my life to understanding why people behave in certain ways. I have served my communities working in the substance abuse field, as a youth advocate, and as a tutor. The problem is that the value of human connection is being socially conditioned out of us. There is an incongruence between the science of human behavior and mental health advocacy. This incongruence was very apparent as I helped people to navigate the criminal injustice system. All humans can benefit from learning the value of human connection and finding ways to be intrinsically motivated. Furthermore, our education system is antithetical to education that values the diverse ways that individuals learn. This lack of value of diversity in our society has led many to addiction as they find a way to mask their pain. I define addiction as the prioritization of one form of pleasure over all other forms of pleasure despite negative consequences because of the lack of perceived options. My treatment plans consisted of preference assessments where I learn about the clients’ unique interests and skills and help them to develop them while pursuing goals that will make them happy. As they find new ways to be happy, they lose interest in their addiction. Their marked progress towards their goals motivates them to keep engaging in positive behaviors. My work is guided by my theory of existence, the intrinsic ends of personal development as the path to one’s unique bliss point. The pursuit of these ends can be enhanced with Dharmaceuticals as one finds novel and diverse ways to pursue them, allowing more opportunities for gratitude.
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